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  2013 Financial Forecast

Water Snake year is the time of transformation, change, and wisdom. So be wise with your money! All the above have most of us questioning, what can I do to get ahead of my finances? Know how to get ahead financially in 2013 during changing financial markets and world economies.

  2013 Personal Forecast

What can we expect from President Obama for the next 4 years. Will the world economy recover? Will there be more natural disasters in 2013? Are you looking for answers to these questions as well as your own person questions?

The good news is that the 2013 Personal Forecast for the year of the Water Snake is here. This personalized forecast will give you a general view of how the Water Snake will affect the world and a detailed personal view of how the year of the Water Snake affects your own individual Chinese Zodiac sign using your Year, Month, Day and Hour (hour is optional, but provides more accuracy). Get a jump on 2013 as well as everyone else by getting your own 2013 Personal Forecast now!

  The Elements of Feng Shui

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You can do your own Feng Shui in your home and workplace to have success, wealth, health, and love. Your personalized Elements of Feng Shui reading blends two important parts of Chinese medicine: Feng Shui and astrology. Understand the five Chinese elements that are the basics behind Feng Shui, coupled with your Chinese astrology sign – what makes you, you – and create a beautiful peaceful home and workplace. Here is all you need to balance the five elements in every aspect of your life. Learn detailed information to get you started, all kinds of handy Feng Shui tips about the best colors for each room of your home, room-by-room furniture placement, yin and yang balance, correct lighting, the function of hallways and mirrors, the proper use of fountains and other Feng Shui tools, and much, much more. Yes, you can do it, and you can do it NOW.

  Love and Money Feng Shui

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Love, romance, true loe, spiritual connection, a soul mate: to give love strongly and to be loved and cherished in return. Feng shui can help you find, attract, and keep love in your life. if you are in a partnership, fang shui can help you sustain your relationship and develop your conneciton to a higher level of love, trust, and intimacy.
Money to spend, share, save, invest, or do whatever you want with it. Feng shui can offer many ways to enhance your financial future. It`s easy! Just follow the practical and detailed advice in this report to start your new cycle of prosperity.

  New Astrology Love Match Report

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The Western Chinese Astrology Love Match Reading provides you with an in-depth look at how compatible you are with your existing or potential mate. This reading goes far beyond birth year comparisons, taking into considering relative month, day and even time of birth to provide the most comprehensive relationship analysis. Leverage centuries of Chinese Zodiac and astrological wisdom to explore the potential success of your relationship using personality elements and balance indicators that can determine emotional, mental, and even physical compatibility.

  2012 Chinese Almanac

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Imagine having a heads up everyday of what kind of day you will have? With our new Chinese Daily Astrology Guide you will be able to access your personalized Chinese Astrology Horoscope for every day. The most comprehensive day-by-day predictions on the market.Every day, people depend on our Chinese Daily Horoscopes for a glimpse of what's to come in their future.

  Four Pillars Of Destiny

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Get THREE of our best selling readings, the Zodiac Sign Analysis, Element Analysis and Diary of Destiny combined into one comprehensive reading, on sale for only $24.95! You will have a complete understanding of your Four Pillars chart with expert insight on your Personality through the Chinese Zodiac.

  Three Blessings Fate | Health | Wealth

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Do you ever wonder where your luck comes from? This report explores the Three Blessings, Fate, Health & Wealth, and how your luck is affected by each. Each section examines ten luck indicators such as your fixed element of birth, zodiac signs, & your element mix. Explore your fate today!

  Love Match Reading

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The Love Match Reading provides you with an in-depth look at how compatible you are with your existing or potential mate. This reading goes far beyond birth year comparisons, taking into considering relative month, day and even time of birth to provide the most comprehensive relationship analysis...

  Personal Relationship Guide

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Chinese astrology has been used for over a thousand years to help select marriage partners. The following reading uses its time-tested techniques to analyze your relationships. Specific areas covered include your friendships, love and marriage, and sex (Part I and Part II). Part I focuses on animal signs and Part II elements. Beyond this is a discussion of how you might best go about making good decisions when it comes to seeking a partner (Part III) and a look at your future in terms of your chance of success (Part IV).

  Nine Star Ki

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Find out how your Chinese Astrology birth chart can affect your personality and your future. Our Nine Star Ki readings examines the conditions and cosmic energies surrounding birth year, month, day and hour using Chinese Astrology, Feng Shui and Numerology. Our Nine Star Ki analysis will reveal your personality, your relationships, career, love life and health. For only $9.95.

  Zodiac Sign Analysis

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This insightful reading delves into your personality based on your Four Pillars, that is, your year, month, day and hour of birth. Each of these is associated with a sign consisting of two parts, an element and an animal. Taken together they form a matrix of eight components from which the complexities of your personality can be seen and understood..

  Element Analysis

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The Element Analysis reading explains your personality based on the number of times each element appears in your chart, and how your overall chart balance influences who you are and what you become in life. Embark on a unique journey of self-discovery by understanding the dynamics of the elements in your birth chart.

   Diary of Destiny

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The Diary of Destiny is a walk through the five stages of your life, Birth, Youth, Maturation, Adulthood and Retirement. This reading will provide you special insight into your financial prosperity and where your best opportunities lie to increase your wealth! Click here to see a sample reading.

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